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A podcast of sparkle warriors from cabaret, burlesque, drag, music theatre and comedy hosted by multi-award-winning Melbourne rock cabaret songwriter/performer Geraldine Quinn.
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Welcome to Bang On The Strillers, a podcast where rock cabaret songwriter Geraldine Quinn talks wonderful nonsense to various colleagues from cabaret, musical comedy, burlesque, drag and other glittery fringe art forms.

Jun 17, 2016

Actor, performance maker and cabaret artiste Ash Flanders (Sisters Grimm) joins me for the second Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2016 special to talk about inbred dogs (yeah, I mean pugs), music theatre cabaret, brothels, stand up versus cabaret, being "safe" onstage, our mutual fascination with John Farnham, Casey Bennetto (again), theatre schools, the glamour of an artist's life, puppy play and how everyone's a failure and THAT'S OK!!

And I didn't have too much libelous material out. And why did I say "next week" at the end?? AM I A LUNATIC!?!?

If you get onto this early, you can still see Ash Flanders' show 'Playing To Win' at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival 2016 (at 6:45pm until 19 June 2016). I'm going tonight. And the fact I used the present tense is evidence of how hopeful I am that this podcast will upload with no problems (seriously, the amount of tech stuff that has been going awry lately, I'm about to throw my computer out the window and destroy the internet...check out my chipmunk transitions in this ep, thanks to some weird sample rate balls ups).

Please do book for our shows ('Playing to Win' until 19 June, 'Bang On The Strillers - Live' on 21 June and 'Fox Poncing' 23-25 June) via


Jun 6, 2016

In 2013, 'Slutmonster and Friends' blew Melbourne Fringe audiences away, winning a highly commended nod in the Fringe awards. It was frankly one of the most depraved and disgusting and hilarious things ever committed to theatre. And none of us will ever be the same.

This episode is a terrific example of how wrong our sense of humour is, and it's also the first time I've recorded more than two people at a time. We had some synching problems, and were recording on two different devices, so we also had some weird time-skip problems due to an unidentified problem (possibly SD card), but I would like to stress that in spite of this, it came out pretty good, and I was negotiating quiet boys and loud girls, and averaging it out, but also IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Be nice. Please note: there are many swears and sometimes we just yell "sex offenders" for no reason.

Basically Slutmonster was like a late-90s episode of Red Dwarf crossed with a soft-core porn film but SO Much more funny. And now I can't wait until 'Trying My Best', the new web series is released.

I hope you indulge me for my very own birthday, as I chat to Lucas Heil, Wes Gardner and Jessie Ngaio about birthday kidnappers, the worst thing to hear when someone sees your genitals for the first time, implied erections, what is actually offensive, snorkle metaphors, and comedy pyramid schemes. They're part cabaret, part comedy, part musicals, part supportive porn - see why I like these guys?

And if you have never seen Lucas's jazz version of the Nyan Cat (and it will enrich you), here 'tis. Though my favourite is definitely Wanderwail...or the salt song...Look I just really like these guys.