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A podcast of sparkle warriors from cabaret, burlesque, drag, music theatre and comedy hosted by multi-award-winning Melbourne rock cabaret songwriter/performer Geraldine Quinn.
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Welcome to Bang On The Strillers, a podcast where rock cabaret songwriter Geraldine Quinn talks wonderful nonsense to various colleagues from cabaret, musical comedy, burlesque, drag and other glittery fringe art forms.

Nov 27, 2016


What accent does your dog have? Would 'Wuthering Heights' have been even better if Bronte had incorporated an alien abduction into the plot? How expensive IS working with a band? And wait - HOW many nieces/nephews does Quinn have now???

Recorded on the historic day of the US presidential election/birth of my latest family member (take your pick as to which is better for the world at large), join myself and Helpmann-award-winning super-music-hero Casey Bennetto (Keating! The Musical, A Swingin' Bella Christmas, The Terminativity The Narelles, and all-round in-demand dramaturg, writer, MC, performer and beloved local scenester) as we splash around in pre-apocalyptic bliss, discussing the pitfalls of performance, dogs, The 12 Keys of Christmas, Tasmania, loving the art while having problems with the artist, SO many elections, the delicious image of Mark Trevorrow (Bob Downe) and Julie Gillard on the piss in New York, Neil Hannon, performance personas (and Bowie obviously), writer's block solutions, Dave Allen, the importance of arts' contribution to the aconomy, me becoming an aunt for the twentieth time and one magnificent belch. 

Visit to book tickets to my 11 December album launch for The Last Gig In Melbourne (feat. Casey Bennetto), and then book for the 21-23 December season of A Swingin' Bella Christmas 2016 with guests Tim Rogers (21/12/16), Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier (22/12/16) and Eddie Perfect/Scott Edgar/Steven Gates (23/12/16).

Photo by Photobat (Alan Moyle). 

All music written by G.M. Quinn.

Nov 20, 2016

Richard Chadwick has only been performing as Karen From Finance in the drag/cabaret/burlesque scenes for three and a half years and already he's made sparkling waves across the globe.

From his viral mash up of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard's misogyny speech at Midsumma Festival to a very public stoush with Foxtel over the need to fast-track RuPaul's Drag Race to Australia, none of Karen's controversies should detract from the fact the Richard is one of the best and most tireless performance makers in Melbourne, nay, Australia.

We talk about the post-US-election funk, faux queens (aka bio queens), the heady rise (and problems) in the local drag and burlesque scenes, RuPaul's Drag Race and that fight with Foxtel, Dolly Parton's wigs, Joy 94.4 FM, Mortein-can-flamethrower-wielding altar boys, Dandenong, Facebook algorithms, Richard's fabulous poodle (not a euphemism) and plaster animals.

And make sure you stick around until after the closing 'Fang It (To Tony's Place)' credits for an extra surprise revelation...